Week 9 – Intro to Multimedia

Weekly Learning

This has been a very busy week. The assignment and the introduction to python were actually pretty useful and easy. The labs were concise and short, with interesting learnings for both setting up the environment and the challenges of pair coding. This is really where the struggle of this lab is. We had to figure out over the week what it means to work as a team on a single file project, how to setup git and learn some basic flows to make sure we don’t step over each other’s toes.

I think it would be so much better if the school had at least a short tutorial on git, if the first assignment was a not a group one, giving everyone the opportunity to setup git, understand some of the flows and get everyone on track for a group activity. Instead, it felt we were thrown into being in a collaborative environment that should have been setup at least weeks in advance and learning all the new flows that git offers.

At the end, it all worked out and we got some interesting learnings out of it, but it certainly was a painful week to coordinate work. Moving forward, it should be far smoother and shorter to setup our work, and hopefully we will not need to worry too much about conflicts or rebasing for a little while.

For the image manipulation, I thought it was incredibly interesting. It explains a lot about how tools like photoshop work, and what it means to manipulate the image. I wish we were using a more raw version of python rather than JES since it seems to hide a lot of the libraries needed to manipulate the images, so we can use it on our private projects.

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