Week 7 – Ethics Final

Final Research Video Project Planning

This project is a pretty challenging. The main constrain is time. Even though we’re good at coordinating, and work well as a team, the fact that we have to produce 2 videos seems pretty daunting. 

We already started the research and we’re going to start working on power point presentations and scripts soon. The topic so far is: Why should we teach kids to code at an early age.

Review Ted.com Presentations

3 Principles for Creating Safer AI

AI is an interesting problem that as software developers we will continue both developing and encountering. Machine Learning and AI are the key components of how the internet and technology will continue to develop. It’s important to us as developers to understand how it works, and how it can be safely and responsibly developed. The 3 new principles which don’t follow the original Asimov rules, are an interesting take on what the future bring. I think the last one is really the key to truly compatible human-AI. Learning from human behavior, and values. It’s like teaching a baby to become a responsible being. But it poses the interesting question, if a machine then is entirely driven by human behavior and values, can it achieve some sense of humanity?

Stuart Russell is a fantastic presenter. His pace and language makes following his talk easy. The slides are small minimal and don’t interfere with the presentation. He injects both facts and humor to drive important points. He keeps the language and examples simple and easy to understand so anyone can understand why his ideas are important.

What’s Next in 3D Printing

Avi is a great speaker. He is engaging uses colorful language an examples which makes the presentation fun an engaging. He tries to emotionally connect to the audience with personal and heartwarming stories.

For me, 3D printing is both a hobby and a passion and I hope I can some day turn into more of a career. This presentation for me is pretty special because it validates some of the feelings about 3D printing that I’ve already had. 3D printing has been in the last few years undergoing a silent but impressive revolution. Quality of printing has been increasing while costs have been dropping making it accessible to more people but also bringing more talent into the 3D creation space.

Presentation Skills Reading/Video (60-75 Minutes)

A. What not to do in powerpoint:

There are some important take aways from this. Powerpoints can be a great tool to deliver information to an audience. But as speakers we have to be mindful of how powerpoint affects our presentation. Too much data can be overwhelming or distracting and can pull away audiences from the message. So, keeping slides simple, and on point is far more effective than delivering all the information.

B. Toastmaster 12 tips for 12 public

There are some interesting tips here. The one that I’m most interested in is mannerism. I tend to have a few nervous ticks and over-exaggerate my hand gestures. Making sure they’re controlled, and rehearsed but natural is an skill I need to practice.

C.  Examples of Great Presentation Design

This is a great presentation! The visual style is fun, makes for engaging slides with useful information. I think this i ideal for a long presentation because every slide becomes a surprise to the audience. Data is then embedded with big letters so consumption is easy. Clearly, it’s not something you want to use for every presentation (although this specific presentation contains fantastic advice on how to build good ones). But for our short video for general audience, this is certainly something I’d like to try.

These are more in line with a long professional presentation. I think it will be a better delivery mechanism when talking to our peers since they are engaging but can also be packed with lots of good information.

One thing these all have in common is that they have engaging visuals with big fonts and as little text as it’s possible to get away with. We should aim for that.

D. Where Great Ideas Come From

This style of presentation is very popular. It does require a lot of skill and editing. It makes the presentation engaging, and fun. The pacing of both drawing and speaking are key. Too slow, and the drawing process is boring, but too fast will make each drawing have less impact as ideas will overwhelm the audience. It would be interesting to try to push for this sort of skill, but with limited time, skill and knowledge of editing, it can be a real challenge.


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