Week 6 – Career Development

CSUMB Career Services

I have to say this turned out to be a create little trip down the CSUMB website! Fortunately, I already have a job and my career choice has so far been successful. However, I have to admit putting together a resume, and cover letter are things that I find very challenging. I have often run those through several friends to get their opinion and verify that what what i’m doing is attractive to employers. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the website, and how much CSUMB works to help students achieve their goals.

I know I have struggled in the past, and I had to do a lot of this myself. I honestly wish I had this support network back then.

I actually really liked this site: https://whatcanidowiththismajor.com/major/majors/. I will be passing around to several friends that seem to struggle placing themselves in a field they actually enjoy!

Job and Internship Search

I know from personal experience on feedback provided by my employers as well as an interviewer that communication skills are incredibly for a career in software engineering. As a developer, people often think that interactions with others are very limited. However, a good engineer needs to master all the skills listed. Gathering requirements, conveying ideas, and persuading others (including management) are crucial to be successful and move upwards. Working hard is very important, but the reality is that working hard can only get you so far in any industry. A good communicator and team player bring far more value to a company as those are essential skills to grow. Those people tend to be already flexible and good learners as they are more likely to seek out support when needed.

I strongly encourage others to also take some public speaking class or events. The thought process and methodology behind public speaking are very similar to the skills required to present a good argument to management, and help develop confidence to network effectively.

Teammates to Develop Capstone Ideas

I think we as a team we’re leaning more into the original idea that we created for our intro to the class. VASC9 as an escrow application. The idea is pretty good, but we need to figure out how feasible and how much work there is actually to do for an idea to be presented to the class.

For my personal idea, i still think the family circle is probably the safest choice, but the team seemed pretty good about the IDE to create bots. I’m not even sure how I’d go about creating one, so I’ll need to take some time to think it over, and break down the components.

Weekly Learning

This has been an incredibly busy week. The paper really took most of the time, and then peer review was also very intense. My teammates papers are actually very interesting. But to me that means i need to step up my paper as well to make sure it’s up to their standards.

To me the most interesting part was the TED talk on privacy. Greenwald makes some very good points. I’m very much in the fence about privacy on the internet. I understand why individuals need to be able to be free to express themselves, but to some extent, anonymity has brought up the worst in us. Having a measure of consequence is healthy. It forces people to be responsible with what they say and do.

Study Time

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