Week 5 – Capstone Ideas

Teammates’ Goals



Possible Capstone Ideas

I’ve been thinking a lot about capstone ideas and I want to make sure I hit a couple of points with mine. I realize not all ideas may meet the requirement, but ideally it hits at least two of them:

  • I want it to be more service oriented.
  • I want it to have community features.
  • I want it to showcase some technology.

So this are some of the ideas I’ve been bouncing up and down.

Family Circle: A facebook like service but for families specifically. The goal is for you to create your family circle with whom you share pictures, comments, locations, events etc. Each person can belong to multiple circles, but each circle is private and exclusive.

Discord Bot IDE: A scratch-like idea that allows users to easily create bots for Discord. The goal is to lower the entry level for creating bots. It would be a cloud base service similar to “if-this-then-that” design to be completely agnostic.

D&D Digital Board: A hexagonal or square box that allows a dungeon master as well as a group of players to play the Dungeons and Dragons game. It should provide the DM with the ability to add tokens, create encounters, move/hide/display tokens in the map. Players should have a limited set of actions, and should only be able to move their character. Additionally this would have an encounter planner and tracker that makes managing a given adventure much easier.

Weekly Learning

This week has been about fallacies and capstone. For the first, I’ve always enjoy learning about fallacies. In today’s political and social climate, knowing how to build a better argument seems like a fundamental skill, and it’s so easy to fall prey to name calling or slippery slope or hyperbole. It seems like we need to do and be better, and that means understanding what it takes to build a proper argument. Writing the ethics paper has helped me do some introspection on what i consider ethical as well. My position hasn’t shift much, but I do have better arguments as to why I believe it to be the right choice.

Capstone, on the other hand, has been a more challenging task. I’m not super convinced about any of my ideas. I do believe they’re good and achievable. But I think i need to spend more time refining them, and making sure they are something I’m excited to work on, that I’m proud of, and that showcases my skill set.

Study Time

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