Week 4 – Ethics and Goals

Education Goals

The easy part here is I want to get through this class. It’s a small goal, but it’s a first step and I realize I tend to give up when I set my self goals that are far and beyond. So my motivation for now is to start the program in the right foot, put the time and effort and get an A in my first class.

Beyond that, I believe my most important goal right now is graduating. This has been a long journey, and I cannot wait to be able to walk down to get my diploma. I ‘m looking forward to rounding up my education. So far, most of my knowledge has come from experience, which while invaluable has been limited to what assignments, or work has required.

Career Goals

I want to work doing something very specific. I want to plan the architecture of monetization strategy tools for a company that helps the community. I look at Twitch, or Patreon, or even YouTube, and this places have specific internal tools, with internal costumers that help them monetize, and continue being viable businesses. Yet, they bring a lot of value to the communities they serve. I want to be the person that architects the success of a company like that.

Percentile ETS

I actually feel pretty comfortable with taking this test. Looking the questions, I realize some of this is just careful studying of the wording and making sure your logic is sound. The test is not daunting and that’s what’s to me most important. Some of the questions are a bit harder because I either don’t have the knowledge yet, or I’ve forgotten the theory from previous classes. If I was to take it right now, I’d give myself maybe a 70% passing grade, but I can do much better. I know if I apply myself, and actually study, on graduation I can do 95% or better.

Weekly Learning

This week has been a bit rough. I’ve always found ethic dilemmas interesting. I’ve always enjoyed playing devil’s advocate and I do like debating. However, my knowledge of ethics was very basic, and discovering both the depth, and philosophies behind decision making is incredibly compelling. I’ve been reading and learning more about utilitarianism. It seems really like most people consciously or unconsciously live by this framework which offers the greatest flexibility for what is “right”.  It makes sense. People, including me, look for a pragmatic solution that benefits them and their love ones over everything else. It doesn’t have to be as hard as “steal bread to feed your family”. But rather, the smaller things: “Ditch work early to spend time with your kids”, or “skip a tasty pastry to help your wife keep her diet”. Those moral dilemmas we face everyday, and the answers are easy when you realize that the benefit is to yourself by virtue of your loved ones.  Maybe utilitarianism is in big part about egoism in realizing that your happiness in greatly tied to those you love.

This was a very interesting module, though I have to admit the paper outline was very difficult. I had a really hard time making sure my arguments made sense for each side, and that i was being fair, and logical to what each actor should do.

Study Time

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2 Responses to Week 4 – Ethics and Goals

  1. Victor Ramirez says:

    I feel like we have very similar goals. I think you enrolling into the CSUMB program is a step in the right direction. With your completed CS degree, you community outreach goal will be within reach.

  2. Aboubacar Diawara says:

    We have the same goal, but i like how you narrowed yours down to a class. You are absolutely correct that it all starts with CST 300 and that should set the pace for the rest of the classes. With your mind set, i have not doubt that you will accomplish your career and life goal. Stay dedicated and focused!

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