Week 25 – Software Design

Weekly Learnings

This is my first time with I’ve used eclipse. From my brief exposure to Java, I realize this is a very popular both IDE and language. I’m more use to thinner IDE’s such as sublime Text or Atom. That is also a function of the languages I have worked with in the past.

My professional experience is mostly as a web developer. I’ve worked with Ruby, Elixir, PHP and a little of NodeJS. One thing all those languages have in common is that they’re not strongly typed. Getting back into typed and compiled languages is a bit strange. I haven’t really worked with them since college a while back. It’s been a little bit of a challenge to get back into it. It has also been a lot of fun to read about the language, and enjoy some of the very nice things a fully compiled language can support such as error checking, type checking, etc.

I also see learning Java as a fundamental step on computer science. There is a reason why the language is so popular and has been for such a long time. It’s a powerful and portable language, and even learning the basics can give you a strong basis to become a better programmer.

I think by interest remains so far in the web side of things. I like the interactions between users, clients and servers, and the possibilities that the web brings. However, I know we’ll be exploring a little bit of the Android suite, and that is very exciting for me. I have never worked on a mobile application directly. Only on the backend. So the getting to play with a client and make something interesting is an opportunity that I don’t want to pass up.

I’ve also not had formal training on a lot of a design patterns. Most of my training and experience has been just through professional need, and while that is a great experience, having formal training is very valuable. I’m very much looking forward to this class, learning patterns for better software design, and improving both professionally and academically!

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