Week 24 – Database Final Learnings

Weekly Learnings

This is the final week for the class. There are a few things that I wish we had worked more on. Systems like Hadoop, MongoDB and Cassandra would have been very interesting to explore and valuable in today’s programing environment. I understand we are working on a tight timeline, and therefore we have to pick the most important topics.

We covered very interesting and useful topics, and I can say with a confidence that this class has been of great value to me. Demystifying mysql, learning complex queries, aggregations and design are skills that I can translate into my job almost immediately. Understanding indexes or b-trees are good tools in the kit, but don’t necessarily have a practical use for day-to-day operations.

I had hoped that we could dig a bit deeper into map-shuffle-reduce since it’s the base strategy for clusters like Hadoop. So I was a little disappointed that we only touched the surface. But at least it provides a basic foundation to start doing a bit more digging on my own. It also exposed me to a few interesting patterns of design such as decorators and how they can be leverage instead of the more common inheritance pattern so often associated with OOP.

It’s been a great class to take!

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