Week 19 – Project 1 – Database Design

Weekly Learning

This has been a very demanding week. Project one has been a challenge with both the creation of the database, as well as creating an application to properly visualize the data. I think we started working on it a little later than we should and that meant we had to pull some longer hours getting everything ready. However, I am pretty satisfied with the result with how little time we actually had to accomplish it.

Victor and I decided to go with a game database. This is fairly unconventional since it does not necessarily have as much transactional data as other application would. But, I think it presented an interesting challenge for both of us. Game have a lot of very interesting Business Intelligence data working behind them, as players move through different levels, or value one item over another when making a purchase. Understanding what your users do is important for any business, and games are no different. This data is a bit more abstract than a reservation system would be, since it must be derived from activity rather than numbers, but it’s equally important to break down those behaviors and make sense of them so the operators of the game can make better decisions that will capitalize and monetize the users.

I also spent a bit of time doing research on OLAP and data cubes. I have worked in the past with BI. But this is the first time I have actually sat down to understand how this data is constructed, processed and broken down to be useful on the backend. In the past I have just been a consumer of the data, and that was good enough to get me through the day, but as I have been digging through the topic, I have found it to be very interesting. The analogy of the hot kitchen is incredibly apt with some of the requests I have gotten in the past. Building the datasets was an ugly process but generated reports that could be very useful to some of my customers.

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