Week 17 – Building Queries on MySQL

Weekly Learnings

This is the first week coming back from the winter break, and we’re jumping right into the action. First, I think the book we’re working with is fantastic! I love the simple, elegant, and pragmatic approach of only using the right side for examples and as reference. It makes both working through the exercises and understanding the logic behind it much easier.

I have been fortunate enough to use MySQL at work, but normally development is done through APIs, and actual access to the database is limited to some select statements to verify data. This week, was particularly satisfying as I finally got to get a solid grasp on both how JOIN statements work. This has been a question that I have previously gotten during interviews, and felt I have come short explaining properly because the concepts were not clear.

I also found this blog on the subject to be very good. It has a better way to graphically represent the INNER, and OUTER join relationships. I have to agree with the author that the ven diagram representation of this functions is just not adequate.

Say NO to Venn Diagrams When Explaining JOINs

Overall, i’m very much looking forward to this class! I think learning more about databases is fundamental for any developer!

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