Week 13 – Making Games

Weekly Learning

This has been a very interesting week. Despite the longer time since it’s Thanksgiving, we still ran short of on time for creating our projects. The week assignment was essentially to create a game similar to Zork¬†where the user navigates from room to room and can do actions, take objects, etc. Since i have a bit more experience on both programing and design, I took a bit more point on this one. I think the solution we came up with was very good, although I wish we had had more time to collaborate and come up with more functionality. The biggest success was to take a data driven approach. That means most of our functions are incredibly generic and can be used for any object or room accordingly.

From there, expanding the layout and the general functionality of the program was nearly trivial since we only had to add more data points and all the loops would just automatically take care of what needed to happen. I think this was a brilliant solution to an otherwise very hard to solve problem with the limited amount of time we had to work on it.

The end product was very solid. Our game was not only playable but even with the limited infrastructure we put in place, we could add a number of events, triggers, items, rooms, etc and the game would require very little additional work. If we continue expanding on this, we could easily have a full fledge adventure with proper win and lose conditions.

Right now, the biggest challenge on our approach is to clean up our flows and tighent up the data handling. Introducing things like classes would make a big different since it would allow us to clean up a lot of the flows where we rely heavily on string matching rather than a more polymophic approach.

Overall, this has been a very pleasant (though time crunched) lab. The collaboration with the rest of the guys was a very valuable experience on organizing the team and working all in the same file at the same time.

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