Week 12 – Sound and Games

Weekly Learning

This week we had a lot of work between the midterm, and the different labs. The Midterm was an interesting and creative experience. I really enjoyed coming up with the different ideas of what the filters should be and how to achieve different effects on them. I’m very proud of Cristian’s work on the Atomize filter! He executed the idea exactly how I saw it in my mind, and then we just kept building on it. I’m a little sad we didn’t achieve the exact effect that I wanted on the image: A more spread out dot pattern better simulating the pop colors of a comic book. However, the final result was very good!

The sound lab was very interesting. I had never worked with sound files, so understanding how sampling works, how to manipulate volume, or normalize the sound was a very educational experience. However, the one I enjoyed the most was the hangman. It was an interesting problem and lab to work on. It flexes the logic muscles and helps form a better idea of what computer science and programing in general are. It allows you to be creative with a solution, but gives you a clear goal and rule set to follow. Watching the videos of how other people solved the same problem, and both the similarities and differences between their approaches, was very interesting.

It also helps me grow as a developer to see how different people tackle a common problem. In general, the video presentations have been very good. Looking at other solutions, and the thought process behind them is very valuable experience you don’t get working by yourself. The fact that I can take those ideas and improve on them, or even just see how my own ideas are successful in someone else’s code gives me a level of insight I rarely get at my job, where my solution is the only solution because I’m the only person working on the problem. Code reviews can go a long way to provide you feedback, but nothing replaces comparing your code to someone else’s and picking the best parts of both.

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