Week 11 – Thanksgiving Card and Portfolio

Objective Key Results

OKRs are a pretty interesting and useful concept. I think the most important part to take away from Google’s approach to OKRs is that it helps breakdown objectives into actionable and achievable items. The concept is really centered around being able to accomplish specific goals. Those are useful tools in general not only for our professional lives but even personal. Every big step we want to reach, be it a promotion, a house, or a personal goal can be broken down in to small tasks to be prioritized or and evaluated. Progress towards the goals can be easily measured and evaluated to see how successful or close to that goal we are.

Weekly Learning

This week we worked on updating our IPL with just about every image we have been working on and what we have learned about the IPL. For the lab itself, we had to assignments:

  1. Create an outline of an image by turning the image into a black and white version, and then comparing the luminosity between pixels. If the difference is large enough, we turn the pixel black otherwise, we turn the pixel white. At the end, the resulting image outlines the edges where there is enough contrast.
  2. Create a thanksgiving card out of three different images and have text on it as well. We decided to go a bit more overboard on this assignment and create a dynamic frame that would resize depending on the image that was being processed, and a banner that is auto-centered. The task involved not only chroma key techniques, but also rotating the pattern for the frame and some color adjustments to the main image.

Overall, we were very happy with the results. It certainly worked as a warmup for the upcoming midterm and it helped develop some interesting patterns that can be used later on with other image assignments. I’ll be starting to work on some of the ideas i have for the midterm and that will use some of this very learning, specifically the duplication and copy chroma key techniques.

Additionally, I had to produce my video this week, and it was a longer task that I expected. I have been learning more and more about how to properly make videos. Everything from creating better sound through use of Adobe Audition, to transitions, credits, timing cutting, looping, etc. I think those are very valuable skills and even the little experience I had before let me improve the quality of my video. I was very satisfied with the result!

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