Week 10 – Manipulate Pixels

Creative Learning and Failure

All this talks were incredibly interesting. I think one of the most pointed learnings here is that you should not be afraid to try, and even less of failure. In Twilight of Lecture, I found myself wondering about my own learning experience. I am not good with groups, and I’ve always had difficulty having in-class discussions. In this case, online learning has served me well since it allows me to interact with my fellow students, and classmates without the social anxiety. However, on CST300 we had the opportunity to share a lot of our thoughts together on Ethics and other topics, and it was an incredibly positive interaction for me. I do feel that throwing classmates into discussion every session can be counter productive for people like me who do not interact well in person.

Weekly Learning

This week’s lab was a lot of fun! Manipulating pictures into something more creative and having basic concepts like “tolerance” and “distance” explained to key colors was very interesting. I think experimenting with media is a great way to learn new how and why it works the way it does. The videos from demos also provided a lot of insight into what my classmates do and how they approach the problems. I can see how my own solutions are strong or weak and allow me to grow both as engineer and student. I’m both scared to follow some of the great videos they’ve put out and excited to get a shot at creating something as memorable.

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