Week 0 – Orientation

Starting the new program as CSUMB online. This is orientation week and this is the first entry on my journal. The main idea is that we can start tracking our learning, and we should be documenting our journey through the program.

For me, this will also be a way to make sure I am meeting my own goals. Just keeping this weekly journal up seems like such an overwhelming commitment, but this program is also something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I’ve been going to college since I graduated high school. The road here has been slower than expected. Working full time has often meant taking one class at the time, and sometimes even pausing school altogether. Getting here is already something I am very proud of, and that I intend to see through all the way.

Orientation itself was a big step for me. Both doing a presentation and getting to know my classmates for the next 100 weeks is very exciting. The program is very well structured, and designed with the challenges of working full time on mind which gives me a bit more peace. Everyone in the program seems ready to offer support and help, and having a preset study group will help me stay on track. I realize we’re all in this together and we’ll do our best to help each other succeed. The next step is starting to get to know my teammates and starting to work on the small projects like our resumes and get on a consistent studying pattern.

For the first assignment I have to create a study plan. This is probably the most challenging part cause I have to sit down and plan out the time slots for the next two years.

Weekly Schedule Time: 

First Study Session

This week the team had the first group study session. Overall, we focused on the team resumes and getting to know each other’s personalities and schedules. The team is pretty well rounded and we’re all excited to work on getting through the program. The team resume is an interesting challenge. Getting to know both the professional experience of the team, strengths and weaknesses and how we can sell ourselves as a package.

We also have to work on agreeing with each other on things that seems surface level, such as the layout of the resume or how to word the services we’re selling. However, it also speaks as to how we should be communicating on code reviews, or other share projects. Learning to compromise and trust our teammates is essential part of both an educational and professional foundation.

The assignment itself is also a reflection of how we see ourselves. For our team, the layout was fairly basic but the focus was on the services we offer. We also identify through our culture and our expertise. In that sense, we accomplished what we set out to do. Our presentation is concise and to the point offering services that we can back up through experience and knowledge.

I was also very impressed by the quality of the resumes my cohort presented. It is clear each team personalities came through in their work.

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