Parsing XML’s!

WOOT! I finally got my XML parser to work. It is still in a very rough stage. I can parse an XML file, but there is no connectivity to the internet yet. Also I can see future issue with performance and handling things like content on the tags (when there are several paragraphs worth of text for a single tag). But the recursive function works and it will return a parseXML class populated with a Tag vector that contains all parent and children.
It is by no means a full on XML reader or parser. This was very roughly built on my free time with the tools I have at the moment, and for one specific purpose. I did it completely oriented to read Blizzards XML format for the site. However, I am very proud of it because it’s been done all by myself with no guidance or help from others.

This is part of a little project that I have going on. On which I want to take the armory information and parse and be able to pick what I want from the armory to store it on other applications. Why did I pick C++ for such a PHP or even Java oriented project? Cause I love C++! …And because it was a great exercise for me to keep learning and developing my own personal skills as a programmer.

This is something I had to put in hold during my winter break, the only time I could have actually sat down and code with out interruptions, after my computer broke. That was very frustrating experience. I love my computer. Dustin built it for me years ago, and although it was by no means a lean mean machine on its day, it was my very first computer and it will be very much missed. I still haven’t decided what I will do with it. I will probably try to fix it up a little and give it to my mom as her spare computer (she’s got an awesome laptop now). I’ve been thinking about picking the pieces apart and giving them to people.

I’ll keep working on my little side project and put up some code later for anyone that is interested in helping out or cleaning up. Hells, I’ll even take suggestions on how to handle stuff!

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