WoW Addon: Soda Leveling Stats

I finally finished my addon. Took me just a little over a week or about 8 solid hours of actual programing. But finally, it’s life at

The idea of the addon is simple; Now that I’m leveling a brand new druid along with my friends, I wanted a simple way to track my progress on each session. We all love playing but we have very limited time. Our biggest time constrain at the moment is my wife, who comes home from work at 9pm and after eating it barely leaves us with 2 hours (till midnight) to play. Two hours a night might seem like a good amount of time for most people, but anyone that knows MMOs and how RPGs generally work, knows that 2 hours is such a small window that progress needs to be made efficiently.

Because of this, I wanted to track where we were getting most of our XP from. Sometimes it’s easier to complete small quests, and some times you get far more XP by grinding. It really depends on the Zone, the quest and the mobs that you’re fighting. In our case, and with a party of 4, things die very quickly, but getting drops takes very long. Sometimes a single “drop” quest takes about 30 minutes. That works very much against us as we could be completing other chains that require just killing in far less time.

Anyway.. I digress. This is what the addon does:

* Track XP by Level
* Track XP by session
* Track XP by LifeTime

With in each of this categories you can track:

* Number of Kills
* XP gained from kills
* Number of Quests completed
* XP gained from quests.

Additionally because of the data already available, you can make a fair assumption on how many quests or kills are needed to level. The only issue with this is that I make this assumption on a per level basis, so once you level up, you’re going to need to either kill a mob or complete a quest to get the next forecast. This is to avoid old data from affecting the new set of stats for the level.

Over all, I think it was a fun project that I’m hoping to keep working on and maybe grow some. I got some ideas that I’d like to introduce as well as improve the over all architecture of the addon. A lot of work can be done and it has a lot of potential!

That is it for today! Have fun and good bye.

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