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WoW Addon: Soda Leveling Stats

Friday, September 18th, 2009

I finally finished my addon. Took me just a little over a week or about 8 solid hours of actual programing. But finally, it’s life at

The idea of the addon is simple; Now that I’m leveling a brand new druid along with my friends, I wanted a simple way to track my progress on each session. We all love playing but we have very limited time. Our biggest time constrain at the moment is my wife, who comes home from work at 9pm and after eating it barely leaves us with 2 hours (till midnight) to play. Two hours a night might seem like a good amount of time for most people, but anyone that knows MMOs and how RPGs generally work, knows that 2 hours is such a small window that progress needs to be made efficiently. (more…)

Making wow addons

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

My Latest read on writing addons:

I’ve been trying to solve an issue with saving variables between sessions, and after much looking, I came across this particular tutorial. It is very outdated, but the information on it is still very valid. If not accurate, it is still a good reference guide for my first addon.

I will post pics when it’s in a more fitting working condition.