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The History of Martinez

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Recently I had to do some research about the city I live in. It turns out my town is full history. When I moved here I thought it was a small town that was more like a hole in the wall. After doing some very interesting research, I found out that it’s not only one of the first towns to be built along the coast of Northern California, but that it played a very important roll on the development of the state both during the Gold Rush and the Railroad Monopoly. It was also a fishing town, shipping point and had one of the first oil refineries in the west coast. Here is my Essay:


Boys will be boys…

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

I watched this video on today:

The story is simple. Tech guys in the silicon valley, get to gether once a month and beat each other up into a pulp. It’s a new story on itself. Fight Clubs have been existence for a long time, and although Brad Pitt and Edward Norton made them mainstream, this particular one predates the movie.