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Druid Flight form – Heroic Sethekk Halls tutorial

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Hello everyone. So here is the run down on the Flight form.

The quest is been overly described, and it’s currently on a sticky on the wow forums:
-additional links:

The quest is pretty easy on itself so there is no need to explain it.

Group Makeup
Tank – Prot warrior / Feral druid
Healer – Holy priest / Holy paladin / Resto Druid
CC – Mage / Shadow Priest / Lock

My Successful group make up:
Prot Warrior
Holy Pally

Balance Druid (sodastereo)

Why the make up:
The important part of the make up is the CC. You will need at least one
permanent CC like sheep or shackle (undead mobs on every pull). and a second CC that doesn’t have to be permanent. Just last long enough for tank to pick up. A hunter, or lock with succy should be enough. Obviously, if you’re a resto druid, you can fill all three slots with CC with rogues and mages, but since i’m taking a DPS slot, I could only take 2. Keep in mind that as druids, we can use Cyclone to ease up the healing. Use it only after the tank has gotten aggro.

The other essential parts are the tank, and the healing. Sounds pretty logical, but Guards and Ravenguards (dual wielders), cannot be CC’ed. That means that you will be dealing with two mobs that can wear off the tanks health in seconds and cannot be CC’ed. If you don’t have a paladin with salvation, then get out the healing gear and second heal at least until the first mob is down. The second one should be a lot easier to heal. More to come on this.

General clearing strat
The guards:
Warriors class with a two hander. They hit very hard, but hit slow. They are the very first pull so there is no room to move. Tank away from the range dps because thunderclap does around 1k damage. Heals should come steady. Help healing if you don’t have salvation so the main healer doesn’t get aggro. The tank should double tank, and get aggro on both ASAP. If they get loose on the range dps, they will kill clothies in two hits

The ravenguards:
Dualwielders, they don’t hit hard but hit very fast. These guys will wear out the tank fast. However, they can be slowed and snared. If you have a hunter, a lock or a frost mage, and they know how to kite, they should take one and run him to the entrance. Everyone else concentrate on the Skull and kill it asap. It will be much easier for the tank to keep aggro on one

If that is not the case, then have the tank double tank them, and make sure both healers and on the tank until the first one is out. Be careful with healing aggro because this guys peal out very easily. I think the best strat is to keep a small stream of heals coming, and hots up all the time. With a second healer things should go a lot

Undead mobs
This guys should be the first target to go down on every pull. They can mind control which is never good. Kill the totem they drop asap. They also dispell buffs. Further into the instance, there will be two of this. If one can’t be cc’d then make sure to kill them both fast.

The second set of undead can summon a void walker. It can be banished, but if there is not a lock in sight, you should have one range dps kill him. They have a lot of HP, but move slowly so kiting is an option. You don’t want that little guy on your healing for sure.

4mob pulls – Prophets
On the second floor of the intance you will find the prophents. This guys have fear. So they HAVE to be CC’ed. Kill them very last and make sure the CC is always up. If you dont’ have sheep. Then kill them very first, but make sure to pull them to a cleared room; you don’t want to run into more mobs. On Anzu’s room you’ll find packs of two of this. Kill the undead mob first, then the prophet(1), everything else, and the other prophet last.

They have chain lightning. So spread out and be at max dps range. They also have wingbuffet so tank them against a wall. This will prevent it from comming to the range dps. Not very hard, but you don’t wanna be thrown to a pack of mobs by the wingbuffet.

1st Boss
very simple fight. Straight DPS to 75%. Boss summons a pack of elementals with low health. All dps should protect the healer, and kill
the mobs ASAP. During this time tank the boss, but don’t dps him. At 50% repeat, and at 25% ignore the adds. Just straight dps the boss because they despawn when he dies. You can use fear on them (except shadow elemental).

1st. Make two macros (only if you’re not feral):
/target hawk
/cast rejuvenation(rank 1)

/target eagle
/cast rejuvenation(rank 1)

Those are the two idols you will have to worry about keeping up. They help beyond comprenhension. The third idol is a haste effect. It’s useful, but not required. You can use the time healing someone else instead. Keep the idols up at all times because they will help. This is particularly true during the adds call.

Anzu’s spells:
Cyclone – random members (seems to like healers).
Charge – Second highest threat
Spellbomb – All spell casting will cost 1k health, and 2k mana, and yes, even hunters.
Stun – Stuns all members in the party (make sure the tank is topped off).

The encounter:
DPS Anzu to 60%. He will banish himself for 1 minute, and call 15 birds with around 12k health. You must kill them with in the 1 minute before he is up.

DPS Anzu to 30%.He banishes, and call the birds again.

DPS and kill Anzu.

DPS Anzu. The druid should be keeping the idols up (yes moonkins, get your healing gear out and full time heal along with the main healer). Main healer will be Cycloned and spell bombed often, so it’s important that the second healer fulltime heals on this case. The stun has a cast time, so there should be plenty of time to Heal the tank to full while he wears him off during the stun.

At 60% and 30% the AoE should go all out on the birds. That is important because you need to have them down fast. While it’s possible to do it without aoe, it will require more coordination, and will be slightly more difficult. It is doable however. During the adds, keep the idols up. They will reduce the damage to almost nothing, and keep a steady stream of 300 damage to all the birds. Druids second healing
should get hurricane out (barkskin please) when they’re around half health. A mage, lock combo is the most effective, and the mage should frost nova the adds if possible. This will prevent them from flying away from the dps.

It’s important to know that there won’t be that many signs that the birds are up. Anzu will just banish. So as soon as he does, look for the birds on the ceiling of the room, and start the dps. Don’t waste time waiting for them to come down.

You can use a break between adds of slow dps to recover and heal up, but don’t take too long because mana will be wasted on heals.

Very fun fight if done this way, but it’s extremely hard. So be on your A game here.

Talon Ikkis
Same fight as before. Just watch your LoS when he does arcane explossion right after blink. Additionally, this boss has a slow spell caster frequently before blink. So be ready to move behind the pillar.

The tank should tank him between the scare crow and a pillar. Range dps should be behind that same pillar, and just in line of sight to heal and dps (much like flamegore in bwl).

Have fun guys!

Druid Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Today’s post doesn’t come from me, but from someone that decided to compile the important and useful tricks for one of the hardest and more complex classes in WoW. With pleasure I bring:

Level 60 Night Elf Druid
Guild: The Varangian Guard
Realm: Warsong
7/14/2006 11:24:41 AM PDT

“Behind every great group, there lies a great druid. Without further adieu, I present the Druid’s Bag o Tricks.”


- When spamming moonfire, the DoT will not tick until you stop spamming. Instead, cast rank ten moonfire then spam with rank nine. The full DOT of 10 will tick while you spam the direct damage using rank 9. (NOTE: dont spam moonfire)
- While running away, it is possible to jump, mid-air spin, moonfire your enemy, and mid-air spin back before you hit the ground to continue running forward with no loss of speed.
- It is possible to drop combat in pvp while you have an enemy rooted. It is then possible to prowl.
- Feral charge can also be used as an escape, if you can find someone 25 yards away.
- Innervate and Nature’s Swiftness can and will be dispelled.
- By using Noggenfogger Elixir it is difficult for the enemy to tell what form you’re in.
- You could bash, shift out of bear form, shift into cat form, get behind an opponent and shred them. (waiting on 1.12…. :/ )
- Hitting a target who is sitting down guarantees a critical.
- Warriors, Hunters, Shaman, and non-Felhunter Warlocks are particularly vulnerable to roots. Some have trinkets that will dispel the root, but a re-root will leave them stuck there.
- You can shift out of a form while feared to immediately start a heal when the fear breaks, but you can’t shift into a form while feared.
- The graphics for moonfire, starfire, roots and even heals have no horizontal approach on your target (as opposed to wrath). By hiding behind objects that don’t block line of sight, like trees and rocks, you can cast at players without revealing where you are.

- Using the mind control cap while in forms removes the chance of backfire (cant mind control a beast) although the target can still resist it.
- Bomb + Heal makes druids happy.

- Druids in forms can be hibernated.
- Root a druid when he/she is in caster form. When the druid shifts to a feral form to break your roots you can NS+Hibernate them.
- You can Soothe Animal druids who are in forms. (has no effect)

- Hunter’s can use “Scare Beast” on you while you are in forms.
- Hunter Stings are poisons and can be removed. This includes viper sting.
- Viper sting will not drain your mana if you are in cat or bear form. However innervate will regenerate you mana while you are in cat or bear form.
- Hunter’s pets will stop attacking their target and attack you for a couple of seconds if you growl them. Great for getting them off clothes and healers.
- If you know a hunter has a trap out, do a challenging roar before you step on it and his pet may break you right out.
- Hunters (and druids) track humanoids will not track you in forms but track beasts will.

- Grounding Totem eats Feral Charge.
- You can hibernate Ghost Wolfs.
- Shifting will momentarily free you from the slowing totems effect. However you will be reslowed again if you remain in range as the debuff is quickly reapplied.
- Shaman can dispel your buffs including HoTs, Natures Swiftness and Innervate.
- If you swipe a Shaman you won’t hit his totem. If you swipe the totem you can hit the Shaman

- Warlocks felhunters can dispel your buffs including HoTs, Natures Swiftness and Innervate.
- You cant be seduced in forms.

- You can demoralizing roar rogues out of stealth.
- Faerie fire still allows rogue to vanish as an escape mechanism but they will not restealth.
- Root + FF + Root will usually hold a rogue in place.
- If you’re prowling after a stealthed rogue, open with FF rather than try to ravage/pounce. Their cheap shot has better range than your damaging openers and they can do it from any side.
- In a rogue heavy battleground help stay stealthed and start stalking them back. Wait for a rogue to jump someone, FF the rogue, heal their target, root them.
- You cant get sapped in forms.
- If you see an ally get Cheap Shotted by a rogue, open with Pounce, to ruin their stunlock.
- Blind counts as a poison.

- Cat form’s Rake and Rip bleed effects completely ignore armor.
- FF can be used to put warriors in combat and prevent them from using Charge.

- Opening with pounce often tricks mages into burning their blink before you’ve used charge or stun.
- You can decoy a heal by starting to cast it and cancelling it. Many casters run spell alert.
- You can shapeshift while counter spelled.
- When mages blink away from you, they open the option for you to run directly away from them. At this point you can either leave the fight or restealth.

Arathi Basin
- Moonfire is great to knock people off of the flag. Swipe is even better. Hurricane is a dot, it wont break people from capping the flag.
- If you’re in AB, and you’re guarding the Farm area, kill the rats for a full rage bar. They have an high spawn rate. This will prevent you from stealthing

Warsong Gulch
- Free Action potions + preemptive abolish poison can make you all but unstoppable for getting out of the flag room (can still be feared, so hope the trinket is up)
- If you find yourself standing above a battle (flag room roof, on a balcony etc.) and want to help your friends, cast Hurricane. The horde will be targeting your friends and can’t look up through the clouds to acquire you.
- Alternatively, against a class that can easily get rid of your root, is often better to root a support class escorting them that can easily be rooted (such as a priest or shaman).
- Even against classes that can dispel roots that are running with a flag, it is often worth casting to make them spend the second or two to dispel it.
- If you’re tailing the flag carrier up the tunnel and your team doesn’t have the enemy flag, feral charge/bash him, shift to cat, and dash up the tunnel to grab and get out via the top exit before he can cap. Good luck.

Alterac Valley
- Sleep rams in AV before taming them.

General Game Dynamics

o You can Faerie Fire while not facing your target(great for kiting).
o Insect swarm not only can be used while not facing target, but doesn’t reset your swing timer, while Moonfire and Rejuv do.
o Natures Swiftness will remain on until it is used or dispelled. The 3 min cool down begins after it is consumed.
o Don’t have thorns up if you’re using crowd control such as Hibernate or the Goblin Rocket Helm. If the target hits you as the CC lands on the target, the reflected damage from thorns will break it.
o You can root indoor targets as long as you are casting from outdoors.
o You can activate Natures Grasp before mounting and have it proc without dismounting.
o Barkskin makes Hurricane / Tranquility uninterruptible from damage. Spell cancelling effects such as kicks / stuns will still interrupt your casting.
o Barkskin lessens falling damage
o Innervate regenerates the same amount of mana regardless of whether or not the buffed caster is casting.
o Be sure to fully utilize hibernate / roots / soothe to gather herbs and mines

o You count as a beast in forms not a humanoid.
o Your feral attacks are not in time with Humanoid attacks. It is possible to Shred then change to caster and instantly hit with your hand weapon
o Healing touch rank 5 is the lowest level that gains a full bonus from +healing, while rank 4 is the highest level with a reduced casting time.

o You can’t use Demoralizing Roar or Growl while silenced.
o Swipe can proc the Maelstrom Card/Heart of Wyrmthalak (etc) on any of the targets it hits.
o As a bear-formed feral druid, you can use critters to your advantage. Throwing a Faerie Fire(feral) on them will keep you in combat, meaning you get to keep your rage for longer. You may even generate extra rage.
o Feral Charge can serve as a good short term root, not just a spell interrupt;
o Feral Charge followed by a root can help tie enemies down when you need to heal.
o If you hit Maul before you charge youll have a hefty hit straight off.
o Frenzied Regeneration works even if you are stunned granted you can cast the instant before youre stunned
o Frenzied regeneration (bear form) is not changed by +healing gear,
o Carefully read the growl description, it’s only useful if you don’t currently have aggro.

o You can get shred off if you are facing the person and run through them a little bit, your head sticking out of their back.
o Open fights with Tigers Fury and then wait until you have a full energy bar to actually attack. This will not break stealth.
o Cat form + dash is faster than travel form.
o The 20% attack speed reduction from barkskin wont effect your dps from cat form special moves only cat form auto attack.

o Aquatic form works in lava.
o Cheetah form is the cheapest way to break movement impairing effects
o Cheetah form and seal form use your caster form weapon damage and attack speed.

o Go moonkin. Use an orb of deception. Mount. Click off orb of deception. Mounted moonkin!
o You can dance in Feral Forms to bring humor and flavor into the world
Items All Druids Should Try
o Green Whelp Armor
o Tide Charm
Raiding / Grouping

Scarlet Monastery
- You can farm a decent amount of gold by doing SM in bear form at 60 and just aggro’ing 5-6 mobs at a time. <3 swipe

Blackwing Lair
- Hibernate can be used as a psuedo-counterspell for beasts or dragonkin that use abilities with a casting time. Chaincast hibernate while dps is going on, and they can never complete their spells.
- During then nef fight, if you’re in the middle of casting a spell when nef does the druid call, you shapeshift into cat, but if you dont move, you still get the spell off.
- You can sleep a sheep if it was originally a beast or dragonkin otherwise it will not work. This prevents them from wandering, they may also remained asleep when sheep breaks (not from damage).

- Well placed hibernates can be used as a pseudo counter spell against Soulflayers.

- You can innervate yourself in the Baron fight, then switch to bear/cat form – you’ll regen the mana, and avoid the burn.

- When regaining mana through Judgment of Wisdom stacking, Rank one moonfire can be used a “wand”, it’s cheaper than the mana you get back and you can spam it.

- Anytime you’re swimming with a group of people (ie. on your way to Onyxia) wait for someone to put you on autofollow. Now pull them underwater and use seal form to outrun them. Their autofollow will disengage and they’ll drown.

- Cat form with feline swiftness and feral faerie fire is great for kiting world bosses and elites to lowbie towns. Just run away while spamming FF.
- Feral charge works in mid-air. This is especially useful for enemies with huge knockbacks. While a warrior would have to first switch to beserker stance, intercept, and presumably then switch out of beserker, druids can often charge back in before they even hit the ground.
- Combat rezzes can prevent wipes. If everyone knows it will be a wipe, combat rez a priest or other repeatable rezzer, making sure they know not to ‘accept’ the rez yet. Once the wipe is over and the mobs run back to their original spots, the rezzer can then accept your rez and bring back the rest of the group.
- Got aggro? Drop to cat and cower (kinda like a druid fade). This also can works if you are FF pulling for a Tank without ammo.

For all the druids who love their class, I tip my hat to you. For those self hating druids, I hope you will soon discover the error of your ways.