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The History of Martinez

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Recently I had to do some research about the city I live in. It turns out my town is full history. When I moved here I thought it was a small town that was more like a hole in the wall. After doing some very interesting research, I found out that it’s not only one of the first towns to be built along the coast of Northern California, but that it played a very important roll on the development of the state both during the Gold Rush and the Railroad Monopoly. It was also a fishing town, shipping point and had one of the first oil refineries in the west coast. Here is my Essay:


I got the 36 points!

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Finally finished my assembly language class. This is probably one of the most difficult programming assignments I’ve ever had. The assignment seems simple enough at the begining. The idea is that we get a working program. All functions have already been written for us and compiling and running is successful. However, all the functions are in a library that we do not have access to. Instead, we must rewrite the functions and make sure we do not break the existing program.

It sounds a lot easier that it actually is. The functions involved things that are so simple in C++. For instance, we had to travel arrays, bitmap tables, and a “linked list” assembly style.

In truth it was a very difficult task. Traveling arrays requires knowing the exact size not only of the array but also of the data type as that’s the only way we can figure out how many memory offsets we need to travel. Also for the bitmaps, switching one involves going over multiple segments to get a to the specified bit, and then only turning on or off the specific bit.

It was indeed a difficult program, but I’m finally done with it and I got all 36 points (pending teacher review). That means I can go back to reading my game programming book!